Nike Brochure

    Barloworld Logistics

  • DATE

    Nov, 2014


The Challenge

After delivering an award-winning logistics solutions for Nike SA ahead of the 2009 Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Barloworld Logistics needed to improve on an already impressive performance. Through their SMART approach and winning attitude, in 2014 they had done it again. To celebrate this enormous achievement and a smart partnership that delivers value all round, Barloworld Logistics wanted to create a smart case study to showcase their success.

The Solution

  • We wrote and designed a beautiful case study brochure that Barloworld Logistics could share with Nike SA.
  • The brochure highlighted the smart partnership between Barloworld Logistics and Nike SA through their many achievements in supply chain excellence.
  • And to ensure the brochure retained the Barloworld Logistics ethos of SMART, we designed a smart, engaging sleeve that was both innovative and cost-effective.

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