Induction Board Game

    Cell C

  • DATE

    July, 2010


The Challenge

South Africa’s third largest telecommunications company, Cell C, embarked on a total brand overhaul. But before launching their brand new look to the market, they needed to launch it internally first. We created a variety of training material to guide employees through Cell C’s new vision, mission and values, their innovative new product offerings and a smarter, faster network. But despite a very successful brand launch, Cell C still needed a clever solution to connect new employees to the Cell C way of life.

The Solution

  • To help new employees get to grips with a new company, we created a bespoke Induction Board Game.
  • Using elements from all your favourite boardgames, new employees had to navigate their way around a cleverly designed board.
  • From 30 Seconds and Trivial Persuit to Pictionary and Sherades, the Induction Board Game was a fun way to learn about the company, its products and its people.

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