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The Challenge

South Africa has one of the worst literacy rates in the world. A turbulent past, widespread corruption and immense poverty has made access to quality education a luxury, not a right.

Committed to connecting people with possibilities, Apple Inc.’s free iTunes U app enables anyone and everyone to access world-class education anywhere in the world.
In line with stringent brand guidelines, we were asked to create an integrated campaign that could work across two target audiences – university students and school parents. The catch? Buying a free, life-changing app together with a high-end technology product was not a priority for our target market.

The Solution

  • We started by educating the target market about the power of iTunes U with a series of Print Ads.
  • In-store posters and staff T-shirts sent across a simple message: You + iTunes U could be anything you wanted to be.
  • We used Radio to demonstrate the power of education and get our simple message across.
  • Then held an online competition (both in-store and through and email marketing campaign) where our audience could win iTunes Store vouchers.

How it all came together

Print Ads
Radio Scripts
Online Elements

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