Sustainability e-book

    Barloworld Automotive

  • DATE

    Aug, 2014


The Challenge

Barloworld Automotive is a global company driven to create a sustainable future for all stakeholders. But from the basement to boardroom it was one of the most wasteful companies in the business. There was an overall lack of understanding across the business about the ins and outs of sustainable business practices. As a company, they needed to communicate the benefits of sustainability in the business in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way.

The Solution

  • In order to drive sustainability from within, we created an e-Book to explain what sustainability is, why it is so important and the role each employee plays in protecting the company, its people and the communities in which Barloworld Automotive operates both now and in the future.

The blueprint to a sustainable future

A sustainable way to showcase Barloworld Automotive’s impact on the earth while preserving and conserving the environment.

Barloworld Automotive E-Book

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